Back-to-school has brought many changes to TalentEgg. For one, we completely re-launched the site on September 1, and with that introduced many new features.

We also introduced new employers with great student jobs and entry level opportunities – Shell, KPMG, Meridian, Talisman Energy, Cineplex, Axe … just to name a few.

In response to all these eggciting developments, we’ve received some fantastic feedback. Here are a few of the most recent:

“It has the same parts any university career centre might have, but what sets it apart is that TalentEgg incorporates all of these tools in a comprehensive, user-friendly way… and with all the spirit of our generation.”

“The content on TalentEgg not only gave me some helpful tips, but the community atmosphere served to remind me that my experiences are not so uncommon. TalentEgg is more than a job posting board; it is a valuable resource as well as a community.”

I’ll level with you – TalentEgg is my baby. And when we receive comments like these… well, needless to say, it makes my day.