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Author: Ryan McColeman

Having Fun with Twitter

Since taking over the supervision of the TalentEgg Twitter account three weeks ago, I really have had a lot of fun trying to come up with creative ways to provide useful content, and generate discussion on the site. In particular, I have enjoyed asking questions of the TalentEgg Twitter community. I am a philosopher at heart, and like Socrates, the patriarch of Western Philosophy, I like popping up and asking people questions.

An idea that I first applied last week is to direct certain questions at specific individuals (three to be exact). One individual being an active TalentEgg follower, the second a careers/business expert, and the third being a generally well known individual. This formula may undergo some tweaking, but I really like the general approach. Posting a question to a Twitter community is kind of like asking a question of a class of students: it works well to call out a couple of people, get them participating, and have them provide the spark that encourages others to join in the conversation. So far this has worked rather well. There has been a strong response to the questions I’ve asked. My hope is to post a question of this sort on a daily, or semi-daily basis, during the work week.

As TalentEgg’s Twitter site continues to grow, I anticipate the development of more and more opportunities for interaction with our followers. At its core, the Twitter site provides a great opportunity for individuals to stay abreast of what is happening on the TalentEgg home site. TalentEgg continues to post great entry-level job opportunities, and a talented host of writers are producing insightful Gen-Y careers articles at the TalentEgg Incubator. I hope you will (or will continue to) follow us on Twitter (@TalentEgg), and check out all that TalentEgg has to offer.

Greetings, TalentEgg Community

Hello there, egg-folks,

I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Ryan McColeman. I am the new Online Community Manager at TalentEgg. I am a Philosophy graduate from Queen’s University, and am currently enrolled in the Post-Graduate Marketing Management program at Humber College. The Online Community Management position is fulfilling an internship component of my program at Humber.

I am excited about my new role with TalentEgg. I am hoping, through my efforts, to make it is easier for TalentEgg to interact with student/grad job seekers, and for the student/grad job seekers to interact with TalentEgg. One area where my contribution will be visible is the TalentEgg Twitter site (www.twitter/TalentEgg). Starting today, the site will feature links to articles, questions, and comments, all related to recent-grad career issues, and all intended to generate thought and discussion.

As I move through my internship position with TalentEgg, I am going to be blogging about my experiences, on this site. I invite you to return here, and learn of my experiences with this exciting company,


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