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TalentEgg is nominated for the 2019 HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards!

We are so very egg-cited to be honoured as a nominee for the 2019 HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards!  

TalentEgg has two very important missions:

1. To help students and grads make the school to work transition and find rewarding careers;  and

2. To assist top Canadian employers to find the best young talent and enhance their Employer Brand to attract and engage tomorrows leaders.

We continuously invent new ways of achieving both – from producing custom employer branding editorials and videos to social media outreach strategies and egg-citing case study competitions and contests, we do it all to be the best job board and career resource for young job seekers and employers alike.

There is no greater reward than knowing that our efforts are meaningful and have a positive impact on our community. That is why being nominated for the HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards is so important to us – it’s the proof that what we are doing makes a difference!

Being nominated is truly an honour, but it’s also just the first step in the process. The awards program is designed to give a voice to the readers to vote for those who are the best in their industry. This is where you come in – we need your help to win! Please take a moment to vote for your favourite job board and career resource for top young talent and top employers here. We’ve been nominated for the preferred Job Board and Specialized Recruitment Agency.

While you’re there, please show some love to our eggstraordinary sister company CharityVillage that was also nominated in the preferred Job Board category.

Thank you for helping us get to where we are today after 10 years of serving the Canadian TalentRecruitment and HR industry. With your ongoing support, we will reach even greater heights and will be able to serve you even better!

6 Tips For Creating A Winning TalentEgg Awards Application

It’s that time of year again! The applications for the 2019 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards & Conference are officially open!

The #TEAwards are an egg-cellent opportunity for top employers, career centres and educational institutions to be recognized for their egg-ceptional work, as well as gather valuable feedback from students and recent graduates on their campus recruitment initiatives.

We know you’re ready to get cracking on those submissions, but before you do, we wanted to share a few of our top tips and tricks for crafting an award-winning application.

1. Get organized

The first thing you should do is decide which award categories best fit your initiatives – and with 17 awards, you have plenty to choose from. To get started, make a shortlist of the ones you want to apply to and carefully read through the descriptions to ensure your team’s efforts meet the outlined criteria.

Here are the categories for this year’s TalentEgg awards:


  • Best Grad Program
  • Best Campus Career Website
  • Best Internship/Co-op Program
  • Campus Recruiting Program of the Year
  • Campus Recruiting Program of the Year for a nonprofit NEW!
  • Campus Recruiter of the Year (Individual)
  • Campus Recruiter of the Year for a nonprofit (Individual) NEW!
  • Best Recruitment Marketing And Outreach
  • Best Social Media Presence
  • Special Award for Social Responsibility in Recruiting
  • Best Campus Ambassador Program
  • Best On-Campus Student Engagement Strategy
  • Best use of AI in Recruitment NEW!


  • Best Contribution To Student Career Development
  • Special Award For Innovation By A Career Centre
  • Best Digital Recruitment Campaign By An Educational Institution
  • Career Coach of the Year (Individual) NEW!

For more details, head to our website!

2. Gather your materials

Each awards submission is composed of two parts. The first is the mandatory online application. We ask all applicants to fill out a short form and provide a brief overview of the initiative being submitted for review.

Note: The Campus Recruiter of the Year and Career Coach of the Year (Individual) awards application are slightly different. For these awards, we ask for a short description of the nominee’s achievements.

The second component is the supporting documentation. We request all documentation to be presented in PDF format and attached with the application form. For this part, you can embed links to online presentations, websites, or other types of media to support the application and demonstrate the impact of your efforts.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that our judging panel tend to favour applicants who are able to support their achievements with solid evidence. Speaking of which…

3. Know your audience

Your work will be judged by an eggs-clusive panel of top students. In other words, your target audience for your campus recruitment initiatives. Therefore, to help ensure your application is well-received, you need to tailor it for a younger demographic.

Here’s what we recommend:

      • Use terminology that everyone can understand. Avoid industry jargon words and phrases.
      • Communicate in a Gen Z and Y-friendly voice. Aim for casual and conversational, but still professional.
      • Speak directly to the wants and needs of students. Check out our Guide to Campus Recruitment to get key insights from students & grads.

4. Show your work

So you think your organization had the best recruiting program of the year? Great – we want proof! Including quantitative data like statistics or percentages can help strengthen your claims and create a comprehensive application.

Another factor all winning applications have in common? Visual appeal. To stand out to the judging panel, try:

      • Using a style and branding that is similar to your other campus recruitment material.
      • Incorporating visual evidence, such as screenshots, logos, videos, etc., to illustrate your application.
      • Including pictures of your student/new grad employees and/or campus recruiters to help the judges better connect with your organization.

5. Keep it concise

With so many submissions to evaluate, most of the judges will likely only spend a short time evaluating each application. A text-heavy application will not appeal to a Gen Z and Y audience. The key is to provide as much detail as possible, but also keep it concise.

To do this, include only the most relevant and impressive information and use bulleted lists or graphs to convey your points wherever possible. Also remember that you can provide links to any social networking accounts, online media, and additional information you want to include.

6. Be creative

Don’t be afraid to flex those creative muscles when crafting your application! The goal is to create a submission that stands out from the competition in a memorable way and the best way to do that is to be innovative.

Think outside the box by leveraging new technology as much as possible. For example, you could create a video or a slide deck for your application instead of a traditional text document. You could also use infographics to represent your data in a modern and visually appealing way.

Just make sure that the end result is accessible and easy-to-navigate. It doesn’t matter how flashy your application is – if the judges can’t understand it, they can’t engage with it.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating a top-notch #TEAwards application. Good luck!


Interested in sponsoring the event? See the sponsorship opportunities here!

Introducing the 2018 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment – Decoding Gen-Z

The seventh annual TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference took place on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, and we are happy to say that it was an egg-cellent day of learning and collaborating on best practices in student and new graduate recruitment. The TalentEgg Awards and Conference is a special day for us because it marks a moment when we bring together employers, nonprofits, campus recruitment professionals, and career educators for a day to discuss different approaches to supporting youth employment and professional development. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined us for the event, and we can’t wait to see you next year!

All Awards and Conference attendees got to take home our 2018 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment. This valuable resource gives employers and HR professionals crucial insights into recruiting Gen-Y and Gen-Z job candidates, including best practices, tips on how to use social media effectively, and what matters most to students and new graduates when it comes to starting their careers.

If you missed out on the conference, you can still access TalentEgg’s key findings from our Gen-Y and Gen-Z research and recruitment insights gained from our work with the Student Judges of the TalentEgg Awards! We’re offering a free digital download of the 2018 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment right here!

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Register for the 2018 TalentEgg Awards & Conference today!

The TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference is the ultimate event for campus recruiters looking to network alongside the industry’s best and brightest.

Each year, the TalentEgg Awards and Conference gives attendees an inside look at the year’s top trends in campus recruitment through case studies, presentations, and panel discussions from top employers, as well as best practices and feedback directly from students’ perspective compiled in our student survey. Plus, you get to see who wins the TalentEgg Awards! They’re given to the most innovative recruiters, organizations, and educational institutions across Canada.

Will your team be applying for an award?

Explore our 15 categories here and apply ASAP! The application deadline is April 20th 2018.

This year’s conference will take place at the Globe and Mail Centre in Downtown Toronto on June 26th, 2018.

Registration for the 7th Annual TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards is now open – click here to register and reserve your spot today.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you at the 2018 TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference!

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