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Conference preview: How to appeal to parents in campus recruiting

While virtually all campus recruiting strategies consider Gen Y’s needs and desires, an increasingly influential stakeholder is often overlooked – parents.

“The tide has changed – new grads no longer need to adjust to fit the company/employer but rather companies need to evaluate their employee value proposition to see if it fits the new grad,” says Paul Anthony Hamilton, an experienced talent acquisition leader. Continue reading

6 Quotes To Inspire Campus Recruiters

In this age of rapid consumption of information, speedy bursts of inspiration have become a huge trend, and somewhat of an obsession, on social media.

Whether it’s inspirational quotes on Twitter or images of motivating phrases accompanied with a background of a scenic landscape on Pinterest, these strings of words fill us with positivity and encouragement.

This gave us an idea.

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Infographic: How To Build A Dependable Workforce

If there’s one thing that isn’t discussed frequently in the campus recruitment industry in Canada, it’s background checks! Aside from law enforcement agencies and certain government organizations, it’s rare for employers to say up front that they use background checks as part of their recruitment and retention strategy.

Our friends over at Business.com recently shared this fascinating infographic outlining some of the reasons employers may want to consider using background checks. The stats are from the U.S., but they’re interesting to think about nonetheless.

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Special Report – TalentEgg's 2011 Gen Y Recruitment Insider

Want to be in the know when it comes to campus recruitment trends in Canada? Download TalentEgg’s latest special report, the 2011 Gen Y Recruitment Insider.

This report shows what is currently happening in campus recruitment, how those strategies are shifting, and whether your recruitment strategies match student behaviour.

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