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Poll results: Social media part of campus recruitment strategy for only half of employers

We recently ran a poll here on TalentEgg360.com that has produced some surprising results: only about half (54%) of the respondents said social media is a formal part of their campus recruitment strategy.

Meanwhile, a little more than one quarter (27%) said it’s not an official part of their strategy, but they like to use it on their own.

Finally, nearly one in five (19%) said social media is not used at all in their campus recruitment initiatives.

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How to make the most of Twitter for campus recruitment: Part 2, Lists

In Part 1 of the How to make the most of Twitter for campus recruitment series, we outlined some basic and intermediate strategies to help campus recruiters better engage with students:

  • Respond to all @ mentions as soon as possible
  • Keep an eye on key search terms, such as your organization’s name
  • Jump in and join the conversation when appropriate

In this post, you’ll learn why Twitter lists are among the best social media tools for campus recruiters and how to use them effectively for targeting, listening to and engaging with students.

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How to make the most of Twitter for campus recruitment: Part 1

I know what you’re thinking: it’s 2012 and haven’t we all heard enough over the last few years about why campus recruiters should be using Twitter? Probably.

The problem is that it’s not just good enough to be on Twitter, and tweeting regularly may not be very effective either – it all depends on what you tweet and, more importantly, who you interact with.

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