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Employee recognition: Recognizing Gen Y’s achievements in the workplace

Looking for a way to egg-cite your Gen Y workforce? Focus on recognition.

Recognition and reward are effective methods for motivating and inspiring performance, loyalty and trust in the workplace.

Recognition has a direct impact on employee performance too. Fostering a culture of recognition can help to:

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The 3 things missing from your recruitment message

Top students and grads are interested in working for organizations that can offer meaningful points of engagement.

Flexible work arrangements, innovative workspaces and other workplace perks are high on Gen Y’s list of requirements, but so are less-tangible aspects of a workplace that may be harder to define, like shared values, leadership and loyalty.

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How to identify the right entry-level candidates for your sales team

They’re the face of your company, and they play a vital role in determining the success of your business.

External-facing employees work on the front lines, interacting with the public, building relationships, driving growth and delivering value to clients and customers.

An organization’s ability to serve its clients and customers is directly influenced by its ability to recruit top talent: interactions with your external-facing employees can dictate how the public perceives your business – a strong impression that isn’t easily changed.

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3 ways rotational programs can strengthen your employer brand

Rotational programs – as part of a formal internship, graduate or entry-level program – are cross-training and development initiatives that enable Gen Y talent to experience and learn about different divisions, departments and roles within a business.

The quality and calibre of the individuals who go through rotational programs can be fantastic resources to your organization. They are eager to learn, willing to take on challenges and are able to make positive contributions by sharing their knowledge and skills.

The benefits hosting a rotational program have on your recruitment program are twofold: not only do they help to ensure that the right candidates are placed in the right roles, they also help to demonstrate the full reach of your organization, and the professional growth opportunities held within it.

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