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6 Ways Grant Thornton Strengthened Their Employer Brand

Part of recruiting Gen Y means developing a solid employer branding strategy that is both unique and memorable.

Paul Peterson took the stage at the 2013 TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference and delivered a presentation that demonstrated just how effective a strong branding strategy can be.

Paul is the Senior Manager of National Talent Resourcing at Grant Thornton LLP, and his presentation stood out in part by offering some unexpected advice, including:

“Don’t eat yellow snow.”

“Never wear socks with sandals.”

Standing out was exactly what Paul wanted to do when it came to recruiting Gen Y’s top talent for the Accounting industry. Continue reading

TalentEgg’s 2013 On-Campus Recruiting Report

Planning your on-campus recruiting initiatives for the fall?

TalentEgg’s new On-Campus Recruiting Report features survey results from top Canadian post-secondary students and recent graduates about their on-campus recruitment habits and preferences that will help you make the most of the increasingly limited time and resources at your disposal. Continue reading

How to take student relationships from on-campus to online

You’ll meet thousands of students on-campus during the campus recruitment period this fall, have some really meaningful conversations about your organization…and then what?

It’s essential that you are able to transfer those encounters with students to ongoing engagement with you and your organization online so you can leverage those relationships throughout the year.

Continue reading

Poll results: Most students don’t attend employer info sessions either

In July, we published the results of a poll that showed that while two thirds of students have attended a career fair at some point, only one third found the experience valuable enough to want to go again in the future.

Another 34% have never attended a career fair on campus.

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