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Entry Level Hiring: It's not all about grades…

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m going to mention it again – when it comes to entry level hiring I strongly believe that organizations should hire based on potential for future success. In my last post, I explain why I think this is the correct way to go about entry level hiring. This post will focus on one way to identify someone’s potential: looking at what an applicant has done outside of academics. Are they doing something egg-ceptional? (sorry.)

Let’s take a look at someone who is doing something cool:

Riana is a student at Queen’s University, and she’s doing something cool (Coincidence? I think not). In Riana’s words:

This year I started a club called the Substance Free Social Club, which, like it sounds, is a club where people hang out without drugs/alcohol. It’s open to anyone whether they are already substance-free or just looking to take a night off from their usual lifestyle. It also hopes to connect people on campus who have similar interests and allow people to relax and have a good time.

The club’s overall objectives:

  • Demonstrate to students that having a good time does not have to involve harmful substances.
  • Encourage a healthier lifestyle where students take better care of their bodies.
  • Spread awareness about the opportunities available for students to meet new people and discover new interests.

Riana is demonstrating some very important attributes that businesses and organizations should look for in an entry level hire:

  • Passion: Passionate people will do great work because they believe in what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you hiring people who are passionate about what you do?
  • Initiative: Most, if not all, entry level hires are inexperienced. A person who demonstrates the ability to take initiative and learn on their own is a great asset.
  • Hard worker: Dedication and the ability to put in the hours to succeed will eventually make up for a new graduate’s inexperience.

What attributes do you look for in an entry level hire?

Doing something cool and want to be featured in our It’s Not All About Grades Series? Know of someone who should be? Send an email to nathaniel@talentegg.ca explaining what you’re up to.

Signals of potential, the AMS elections and Tyler Turnbull

As I browsed through my Twitter feed yesterday morning, a tweet about my alma mater, Queen’s, came through, and I was compelled to click because it mentioned, a) a Cee-Lo parody, and b) the AMS (student council) elections.

The Twitter link took me to an article called “Who casts the first stone…“, highlighting a hilarious video that Team SDL made as part of their campaign for AMS executive this year. I was very impressed – it’s funny, energetic, and lets you see a very human side of Team SDL.

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