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Digital storytelling: How to attract talent across disciplines

Your business is multifaceted – from the engineers who design your projects to the marketers who share your achievements with the world, your organization depends on talented individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.

Competition for student and grad talent is rising in every market, and competing for highly-engaged, quality talent is a daily reality for campus teams across different industries.

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Diversity and inclusion: Showing support and taking action

It’s as true in business as it is in life: we are better when we work as one.

Diversity and inclusion are societal values that Canadians hold in high regard, and Canadian employers are adopting these values into their overall corporate structures.

In order to thrive, businesses must understand the connection between a diverse, inclusive workforce and long-term success.

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Candidate success: Preparing Gen Y for the case interview

Interviews are already intimidating for many students and grads – add in a case study, and you’ve reached another level of job search anxiety.

Case interviews are a common component of entry/student level hiring processes. Case interviews showcase a candidate’s ability to employ logic under pressure, structure their analysis and communicate their thoughts and process – candidates are presented with hypothetical situations, and are asked to work through underlying issues in order develop and present recommendations at the end of the interview.

Preparing Gen Y candidates for a case interview can add strategic value to your recruitment efforts. We’ll explain why, and outline 5 simple steps you can take to ensure every candidate has a career-hatching case interview.

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Identifying Gen Y innovators: Recruiting top talent for engineering roles

Recruiting talent for entry-level engineering roles?

Employers across different industries depend on engineers to drive progress and push their business forward, and they are looking for extraordinary young candidates to join their workforce.

Engineering students and grads are eager young professionals with ability, ambition and passion for their discipline. For campus recruiters scouting Gen Y engineers, this presents a unique challenge: how do you identify exceptional engineering candidates in a talent pool of highly-skilled, well-qualified prospects?

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