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Introducing the 2014 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment

This year, guests of the 2014 TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards & Conference received a special bonus – the 2014 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment!

In this free guide, you will learn:

  • The latest best practices and campus recruiting trends
  • How (and where) to connect and engage with Gen Y
  • Why you need to start investing in Gen Y
  • What you can do to stand out

Get your free copy of this essential resource!

2014 Guide to Canadian Campus Recruitment
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Gamification and Campus Recruiting: Introducing TalentEgg Challenges

Today’s students and recent grads are different.

Forget the tired stereotypes of entitlement and poor work ethic – these are attributes typical of youthfulness, not qualities unique to Generation Y-ers.

Some of the real attributes that make the current generation of Canadian youth different are an unparalleled level of tech savvy – and an unprecedented emphasis on meaningful work. Continue reading

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